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Whether you are an aggressive investor in search of market insights or a saver who wants to learn how to better manage his own money, the SharingTrading Community is the place for you.

SharingTrading is your complete portal on the world of financial trading!

With so much information on the web it is often difficult to find the best products, techniques, tools and services. That's why this web space was born .... to help you easily find the financial solution that suits you.

SharingTrading is the first social platform that connects newbie trader and expert trader from around the world for sharing experiences and knowledge in financial trading. It is also a digital place where you can find the right training, tools or strategy that is right for you!


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Here’s what you can get

Taking the right decisions can take a lot of effort, and at the beginning the mistake is around the corner.

If you are starting your financial market experience recently, you are definitely in the right place: on SharingTrading you find all the information, topics and interviews you are looking for to become an experienced trader,
but especially enters the community to have ...
... an answer to your doubts ... help your difficulties ... advice to your experiences ... simple and honest answers to become a true guru of finance.

And not only, browse through the reserved sections for ...
... download tools already tested that can help you
... chat with an experienced coach who can teach you
... follow the signs every day to get into real trading!

We all need you!

Keep yourself up to date and share your experiences and knowledge ... Respond to other users' questions, even if you are not an expert, we can all bring a new perspective to discussions, your personal experience can be very useful, thanks to you, other users can make the right decisions for their savings and investments!

All Together we are creating a culture based on transparency, sharing and communication transforming the way we live, grow and interact with the world of finance.

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