About us


In a world where the web becomes the solution for many of our problems, and social networks are becoming one of the most important forms of knowledge exchange, the word is "SHARING" ... and it is with this word that comes from our project!

Many of us who have been self-taught, spending years of our lives doing tests and attempts to find the right path, know how much time and money you can save by finding the right sources of knowledge right away. So what better way than to create a free digital space where experts and novices can share ideas, experiences, opinions ... but above all ... methods, tools, strategies and indicators. Then go to the ratings, comments and reviews ... just so we can really "classify" and really know what's better and what's worse ... if you tried to write and vote ... Only so can we help each other!

For this reason, you will find several rankings on our platform and you will be the best choice.

Here are some:

  1. Brokers ranking and reviews
  2. Strategies ranking and reviews
  3. Indicators ranking and reviews
  4. Member ranking


Our company was founded in Malta with a team that initially consisted of 3 people, and today after a remarkable growth in the project, the Team is made up of 18 people of different nationalities working full time on the project.

Professionals are both young and less younger selected from all over the world who are able to work together in a perfect example of a future-oriented digital 2.0 company, as the team, even though it is located all over the world, is able to work closely together as it is in the same office, although they are really far apart, thanks to interactive communication software.

Thanks to this solution we have managed to create a diverse team and select the best skilled traders and software developers with high competence, which would otherwise be difficult to do.

If you have high skills and passion for financial trading, or even better, you are an experienced Mql and / or Python programming trader, you can join the success of our project. Write to info@sharingtrading.com attaching your Curriculum Vitae.


SharingTrading was born from a shared idea of three people who are multi-year experienced finance professionals and who had already participated in successfully launching financial startups that today enjoy great credibility.

Today in 2016, after 2 years of preparation and hard work, they are launching a new challenge to stand out and talk about innovation and quality.

Experience, enthusiasm and passion for financial markets are the key to SharingTrading's success.