monthly awards

Every month the most active members who enter the TOP10 receive FREE our premium resources:

 - 1 month of TRAINING with a personal coach
- 1 Year of Download on STRATEGIES and INDICATORS


The ranking every month is updated and all members start from 0,
so it's easy for anyone to be in the top of the list in just a few days.

The ranking of our community is calculated on the basis of member activities, in fact, for each action within the platform, the system will increase the score.

Here are the activities to get points:

- Login:                                                    1 point

- Comment on Article:                         3 points

- Starting post on Groups:                    4 points

- Reply Post on Groups:                        2 points

- Reply post on Forum :                       6 points

- Reviews on Strategy or Indicator:  5 points


Remember, everything here is free and it always will be!

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