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  • In trading there are some time bands more interesting and influence than others, just because the volatility factor. When the market has more volatility, there are relevant movements of prices, therefore more chances to get profits with less risk.

    Often, the most profitable time bands are when there are more investors from all over world. When the number of transactions increases, the volatility increases too, as well as your opportunity to take a position within the financial market. Usually, market works well when there are lots of buy and sell, that’s because there’s more cash. For each assets there are specific time bands:


    • Trading with stocks

    Such as, for trading with stocks there are six – eight influential hours during working days. The best time, for trading with stocks, are that of the major stock exchange, such as Wall Street for New York open from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, local time.


    • Investing on Forex

    The market of Forex, so trading with currencies, is available for 24 hours, from Sunday 10 pm to Friday 10 pm, GMT. The best time to trade with them is when you meet more stock exchange together, New York stock exchange with London stock exchange, the Asian market and European market too. So the excellent time to trade with currencies is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm GMT.


    • The hours for commodities and indices

    Time bands for commodities are comparable with Forex hours. But, in this case, time depends on the commodities chose to trade with. Actually, for buy or sell oil you have to watch all markets, instead, if you trade with gold or silver, you need to see London and New York’s markets. After all, for indices you need to be careful to time exchange of stocks.


    • Conclusions and suggestions

    The analyzing asset respect more or less the same time bans. The principal hours depend on the simultaneous meeting of more financial markets. Thisthing come from 8 am to 5 pm GMT.

    Those who prefer working with trend follower trading technique should waiting for volatility moment for obtain the best results. Instead, those who work against trend should prefer time with less volatility and wait time bands with less financial market exchanges.

    For the hours it’s important to refer to the broker with which you decide to negotiate. Because will be the broker’s platform that will gives you the time of trades. So when you choose a broker, it’s important to know the hours they use.

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  1. Profile photo gravatar of Deven Streich
    Deven Streich (bo42)

    I mostly trade Forex because of their timing. I can trade according to my own times which is mostly during European hours as ecause I mostly trade GBP or EUR,

  2. Profile photo gravatar of Randy Pouros
    Randy Pouros (kurtis05)

    The best trading hours when New York and London overlap.

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