Mobile TradingIs It Possible To Trade Using Mobile Or Tablet?

  • Nowadays technology allows us to trade by means of different devices such as tablets and smartphones. Different brokers allow us to download their app for free on your device.

    These apps allow us both to perform new operations and to monitor open positions. It is necessary to distinguish between these two activities, since those apps are excellent tools for monitoring our operations, but they are for sure inadequate from an operational point of view as they are limited in tools and other useful functions necessary for our analysis of the activities, as well as limited in display due to limited size. These limits do not allow a correct decision analysis on the chart.

    A further distinction is necessary between tablet and smartphone. The first is certainly better suited to a simple operating activity of order entering, but also limited for decision-making purposes, on the other hand smartphone is useful only for a time limited monitoring.

    These tools are valid when we are not in front of our main equipment, anyway they may be very helpful in special situations such as sudden events determined by market news, or as a support to our main equipment in case of major systems crash. The novice trader might not understand the different use of them, trusting they can do trade anywhere, confusing the trading activity with a betting activity.


    • Practical advice

    They are certainly useful as a support to our activities, not recommended for a real trading business. A good tablet at least 10 inches wide can be a replacement for an extra PC or laptop, but only to display charts and news. From a purely technical point of view the device must be  an octa-core, lower processor performance could slow down the fluidity of graphics as well as the connection must be 4G.

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