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  • Metatrader is the world's most used on-line trading platform to exchange forex, futures and CFDs. It can be downloaded for free either to use the demo version, study charts and do technical analysis, but especially to do real trading by opening an account with one of the many brokers that use it.

    Downloading it on your PC will allow you to conduct normal currency trading, and you can also carry out technical analysis on the charts, thanks to the most reliable, versatile and customizable tools that make it a perfect workplace.

    There are two versions available at the platform: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
    While the most innovative is the metatrader 5, with more advanced graphics, more powerful tools and more powerful features, it is less widespread than version 4, which remains the traders favouritebecause they are able to find more support and more automated indicators and software online.

    In general these are the features that after several years make it the preferred platform for most traders:

    - easy to download and install and is 100% free
    - Available in many brokers
    - a great community that allows you to get info and help
    - Expert Advisor for commercial trading
    - presence of many MQL4 programmers for creating / customizing expert advisor
    - widespread custom indicators to be added
    - Possibility to download historical data

    this strong diffusion has convinced many brokers who already had their own proprietary platform, to add metatraders among their services, thus succeeding in striking that "retail" audience that it aims to attract.

    As you can see, the project behind the metatrader is vast and complex, and this unfortunately has brought some unresolved bugs that are hated by all the professional traders who in recent years have sought alternatives on more solid platforms. Below we will list some valid options for it.


    • NinjaTrader

    One of the most popular options is the NinjaTrader platform, launched in 2004, which is used by more than 40,000 traders worldwide, and is still growing.
    It allows forex trading and futures trading and on the latter financial instrument based its success. Since its launch, he has been striving to stand out for the professionalism of his project. It will not charge you for using your platform, but will charge data feeds, brokerage services, and other premium features.
    From the point of view of functionality it’s really rich: it offers advanced graphical analysis capabilities, market analysis, automated strategic development, back-test optimization and trading simulation, and makes it all preferable to all scalpers.

    Here are some of the most famous brokers that use NinjaTrader: FXCM, CQG, Interactive Brokers, MB Trading,

    - Robust and fast platform
    - more customizable platform based on its functional need
    - Better management of strategy back-tests and more reliable historical data
    - best backup features
    - instantly inserting, editing and deleting multiple orders at different prices simultaneously

    - less suitable for beginner traders
    - reduced presence of commercial indicators or commercial software to be added
    - Custom software development is more difficult to do
    - number of brokers who use it very limited


    • trader station

    this platform was born for the futures exchange, so it is very popular and used for traders who want to swap this tool. It was subsequently expanded for other instruments such as forex, options and shares. Just for the shares it has recently been sought after.

    This platform uses a "easylanguage" programming language that on simple strategies could be easy to accomplish, but the lack or shortage of programmers who know the language makes it difficult to think of custom scripts or software.

    As for the back-testing it is not accurate how it could be metatrader as it uses partial price logic, that is, limited to one price per candle.

    - support on the very active forum
    - suitable for professional trader
    - robust and reliable platform
    - Simple software customization
    - suitable for exchange of shares and futures
    - Historical data is much more reliable than its competitors

    - less suitable for beginner traders
    - reduced presence of commercial indicators or commercial software to be added
    - reduced presence of "easylanguage" programmers
    - You can’t choose from multiple brokers, as it is a single broker- obsolete platform design


    • cTrader

    In recent years, the Ctrader platform has seeing significant growth in the retailer market because it has been able to improve those that were MetaTrader's defects. It has focused above all on a more modern interface in terms of aesthetic appearance, intuition and functionality.

    Ctrader as a metatrader also allows automated trading and strategy back-test with an easy-to-use "cAlgo" suite that can be developed with C# language. But as with other platforms there is also the limit here to find few programmers who can develop automated software over how they would be metatrader.

    In terms of the "depth of the market" this platform is certainly more sophisticated than metatrader, as it manages to inform about the amount of purchase and sale orders at each price level, providing the quantity of queued orders at a certain price. In this way traders have a big advantage over others because they are aware of the possible placement of orders in that market.

    Here are the most accredited brokers using this platform:
    - FxPro- Pepperstone
    - Admiral Markets,
    - Liquid Markets
    - IC markets
    - Octa FX
    - RoboForex

    a set of additional time frames (6 or 7 minutes, 45 minutes, 2 days and many others) that you can accurately analyze charts for both scalping and intraday trading or positioning.

    Also, you can pull out the charts from the platform and portals where you like

    Here are the Pros:
    - best interface, tools and overall trading experience
    - advanced technical analysis (greater timeframes, exportable charts)
    - Closing half automatic position

    - Fit to scalper

    - Limited Web community
    - Limited number of brokers which use it

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    Brenda Roob (utillman)

    There are lot of trading platforms in market but meta trader is widely used. If someone needs advanced graphical tools, there are other options available to trader like ninja trader. ctrader is good for automated and algorithmic trading because of cAlgo. Meta trader is mostly preferred because it easy to understand and most of the tutorials are made on meta trader.

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