Comparing Brokers, spreads.

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    Hi. I often go in several forums…I often read it’s better to have different accounts on different brokers to compare them simultaneously, but I don’t understand whether to compare spreads or to do the same simultaneous trade in both.

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    There are a lot of brokers that offer a different spreads in forex pairs. It is difference between ask and bid price. It has to compare and choose top rated broker and broker that has lower spread in forex majors pairs.It can see in mt4 trading platform or web trading platform. So I think its important.

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    Placing simultaneous trades on different broker platform is almost impossible. I will recommend you compare the spreads by simply using a screen recording software to go back and forth on this.

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    You don`t need to open a simulations trades in order to compare different brokers.
    First thing when choosing a broker is to see whether that broker is regulated and what regulations it has. Then you should check for the spreads. Some brokers show their spreads on their website and if they don`t you can always check it by deducting the buy and sell price. There are a fixed and fluctuation spread.
    Very important thing is to see broker`s withdrawal procedure.
    Another important thing is to check their reviews.

    You can find very useful information here on sharingtrading in the Broker articles.

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    Hi, this is better for a new trader. But I would suggest you that do not waste your time on these activities. Choose a trusted broker like FxPro and start trading. Once you are in the business little spread difference doesn’t effect on your trade result.

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