Price assignment during Nonfarm Payrolls

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    I opened 2 pending orders on broker, both on EUR/USD, about 15 minutes before Nonfarm Payrolls.
    one with buy-Stop 1.1930, the other one with Sell-Stop at 1.1900
    at the exit of the data, price immediately comes to about 1.1970, opening trade to 1,1950, so 20 pips higher than my buy-stop. I’ve never had these problems. Do you think it’s regular?

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    Actually this is not the Broker’s fault. During big news time like NFP , rate moves very fast because of high volatility. So you get that rate which matches according to the exact time. That’s why it is not recommended to trade during News time.

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    Hey there,
    NFP is one of the most volatile events of the month in Forex world. The rate change occurs within seconds. So your order placement management doesn’t mean it’s the broker’s fault.
    So just be careful with News time.

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