What does Byzantiumn means

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    i will like to know what Byzantiumn means, i have gotten series of messages that it a Smart contract developers

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    Byzantine is largely completely up-to-date, meaning that end-users have little if any attention to using their Ethernet in their day-to-day transactions. By implementing nine improvements to the Ethereum Protocol (EPI), the Ethereum Foundation is taking this block chain to a whole new level. Byzantium is focused on three areas: providing developers with new tools to develop smarter mines that deliver better ecosystems in which they carry out activities and eventually lay the groundwork to update Carigrad.
    Intelligent Byzantine Developers Upgraded Now There are four new operating code designed for Ethereum virtual machines that should help their development efforts. In addition, they are seen as overcrowded contracts that allow the implementation of zkSNARK, a tool that allows for anonymous transactions, the first of its kind to emerge. These important new features will open the door for new and innovative applications.

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