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    I’d like to find a professional trader who handles my trading account? Is there a professional solution to do something like that? Are there serious traders to trust in?

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    Hi there,
    Well it is something difficult to recommend because in reality you are the only person who thinks the best about himself/herself. You will try your best to avoid losses and make a good earning but you won’t find anyone who can do the same for you so easily. I would recommend to join social trading websites, find a person and talk to him and ask him to do this task for you. That is how you can find a manger for your account.

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    If you are a new trader you need to find professional trader and should follow them. There are several place where you will find them. Investing.com; forexfactory.com; Several Facebook group where they post. If you search these place you will find them.

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    First of all, you should take responsibility for your risks. It may be challenging finding traders to manage your trading account on a one on one base, however subscribing to signal sharing platforms may be a better alternative. So many traders prefer this, as it allows the subscriber or investor the ability to control his/her risk.

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    I do not recommend giving your money in but no to another person
    the best thing is to be followed by an expert trader
    why do not you try the training service you find on this website?

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    I do not think you should handle your account to someone else. You should do trading by yourself. You lose, you can or whatever it is you can learn on your own. It won’t be a good idea to give someone access to your trading account.

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