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eToro (Europe) Ltd. Is a Cipriot Financial Services Company by the CySEC under the license # 109/10. eToro (UK) Ltd, regulated by the FCA under the license FRN 583263.
Etoro is famous for being the first broker to market "social trading", and is currently the largest social trading platform in the world. Social trading allows investors to benefit from the capabilities of others by offering the ability to replicate the trading of thousands of other traders around the world, to find shared strategies, to interact with other investors and to work together to earn more.

Obviously thanks to the rankings to select the most profitable traders, which can be filtered and sorted by different features, allowing you to create a diversified trading portfolio.
Etoro offers variable spreads ranging from 3 pips to EUR/USD and applies small commissions for overnight transactions. The minimum deposit on eToro varies by country, but in most cases is $200.

Recently, eToro has included a new product in the useful copyfound for beginners who want to minimize their risk, as it represents a previously established trader or tool portfolio, selected for their stable and remarkable performance. By selecting the copyfound you can avoid constantly searching for the best professional trader because you will already have a diversified portfolio set by the system.
Currently eToro is not active in the US market.


Etoro is a unique broker of its kind and is the most accredited in the field of social trading. For first-time trader, it’s very interesting because it allows obtaining the great advantage of having results and performance that only trader professionals can achieve.
eToro is very attentive to the training, in fact it provides an academy and live courses, very interesting and of high quality.

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2019-06-29 Score: 9 | #370

I personally rank them high amongst brokers in the industry right now. Placing trades havn't been so so fast and simple. Their customer care is on point, with good communication skills.


2019-06-14 Score: 9 | #378

I had an awesome experience using their mobile app. It came bundled with most of the charting tools and indicators that I am familiar with. I really found it very useful considering that i can easily monitor my positions while i'm off grid. Now I don't have to stay glued to my desktop all day, thumbs up to you guys.


2019-06-12 Score: 7 | #373

What can i say?Its support is perfect (fast to reply to any questions you can have, even the dumbest ones), the platform runs smoothly but it's not very equipped for experts... I was ok with this broker during the first time when I was still improving, but now I need more tools this broker doesn't give.


2019-06-10 Score: 10 | #455

Perfect broker! This one is the best broker a trader could ever find!


2019-06-08 Score: 10 | #454

tried to make test withdrawn and it went very good: 48 hours and I saw money in my bank account. The support team is one of the best I ever met and account managers aren't too bad as well. So going ahead with this broker.


2019-05-25 Score: 9 | #374

I have been toiling a long time in search for a broker that offers awesome education support. These guys realy seem to know what they are doing, they helped me unlearn all the wrong habits that I picked up from previous trading gurus. An account manager was assigned to me and i get regular communication from him on the status of my account. This and many more are reasons why i will highly reccomend this broker to my family and friends


2019-05-14 Score: 9 | #372

With these guys, there was no hastles opening my trading account. The speed at which my ID was verified is unbelievable. In fact I had no need to consult their customer care on that at all.


2019-04-28 Score: 9 | #376

These guys did not dissapoint me a bit when it comes to having a huge number of securities. As an old school trader, I know the importance of not falling in love with your trades or assets. To follow this principle I needed a broker that offers a large number of trading assets. Thanks guys, and keep up the good job.


2019-04-19 Score: 7 | #377

"I have opened an account with this broker and I haven't had any problems, also their assistance is very gentle and are always ready to give an hand. The interface is quite easy to understand and this really helped me at the beginning because I had never used a broker before; it's waste they have higher spreads than others..."


2019-04-18 Score: 7 | #379

"I've been on different brokers and opened one account here as well; I'd describe it with one word that gives a perfect idea of it: ""simple"". Maybe it's too simple; surely a beginner who is starting his trading activity would find it a positive aspect; to me it's not anymore. I used it for some months and it ran perfectly, the system never caused me any issues, just I got a bit tired because now I'd like a broker with more professional features and training sessions to improve"