Start4 Important Step To Start Trading Online


    • Broker Selection

    In the initial stages all aspiring traders are looking for the most professional and honest brokers, and this is a really difficult decision to make.

    What we recommend is to trustthe advice of those who already have experience ... in our RANKING & PROMO section you will find a ranking based on the practical experience of users who have already tried the best brokers. They are real reviews, since it’s possible to vote and review only forverified traders who opened a real account with that broker.


    • Opening account and deposit

    Opening an account is not difficult but you need to be careful about some of the options that will help you avoid headaches when withdrawing: these tips can be found in our article WITHDRAW. If you have further doubts, you can use our forum in the relevant section


    • Search for signal providers or strategy

    Trading without a strategy or without tracking quality signals means putting your capital at risk.

    To find valid strategies, you can visit our section TECHNICAL  ->STRATEGIES

    If you want to rely on professional services, we recommend that you become a "premium user" in our community and receive the best free signal services free of charge: this offer will save you over $300 in subscription costs and you can find it in our section RANKING & PROMOTION


    • Begin trading

    Start trading in a clever and responsible way: remember that you are not betting, so we recommend reading our articles aboutMONEY MANAGEMENT and above all try to improve and become a professional trader by following our tips in the section BECAME A TRADER

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