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    Every traders willing to become profitable would want to do so as soon as possible, however often to speed up the path means to stretch that path by making a lot of mistakes.

    If they knew the industry statistics we now present, it could help them choose the easiest route by avoiding all the statically difficult roads.

    These statistics were compiled by an investment company institute, based on thousands of interviews to operating traders.


    • Expert vs. beginner

    If we want to divide the total number of traders according to their experience, we can see a clear majority of beginners who account for 92%, against an 8% of experienced traders. This figure indicates that there are many people entering the trading world, especially in recent times: however, those experts are very few though seem to be profitable since 85% of them claim to win.


    • Signal Tracker Vs. "DYI"

    New traders can follow two ways: relying on signal providers, or follow the "DYI" way, i.e. learn from what they find online. The percentage of the two groups seems to be almost equivalent: in fact, the first counts for about 45% of them, while the second one accounts for the other 55%


    • Winners vs. losers

    The most interesting and curious data is those that affect those who are profitable, compared to those who have accumulated losses: of those who follow the signals, 65% are winning while 35% are losers, while among those who follow the "DYI" method, the figure deserves particular attention: 95% lose, while only 5% wins.


    • Broker bonus

    About 90% of those interviewed state that the bonus received from the broker didn’t bring any benefits, and on the contrary it was disadvantageous, possibly due to the fact that the constraints and the psychological aspect of the initial bonus remain a constant that creates more harm than good.


    • Free web strategies

    The same happened to those who have tested some free web-based strategies: in fact, 80% of traders claim they have not been profitable when implementing these strategies. In our view, a strategy that could have a solid foundation is often disadvantageous in practice for most non-experienced traders because of varying constants, such as reduced testing time, lack of discipline in implementing the strategy’s rules and the lack of adaptability on assets and timeframes we’re dealing with.


    • Conclusion

    From these statistics we can say that the easiest ways to succeed in this field are two: either become an expert or, if you are in the early stages, you have to rely on trusted signal providers, avoiding the "do it yourself" strategies found online.

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    Isadore Botsford (leola-donnelly)

    There are a lot of signal providers in the market, but I would suggest DYI because there is no learning in subscribing to services like signals. Also, there is lot of hard work involved to find trusted signal providers.

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