60 secondsIs it in your interest to open a 60 second trade?

  • Binary options 60 seconds?
    Simply the most exciting financial instrument and exciting of all times!  Exactly for this reason :

    "…the major reason for Binary Options being a hot favorite among traders is due to the fact that it is predominantly short term when compared with the other trading formats."

    With that being said, 60 Second trades are a super quick way of trading, where an actual trade has a very short life span of 60 seconds.
    It is pretty obvious that such a swift way of trading require its own trading strategy and expertise to succeed in it.
    However a 60 second trade does have its own obstacles which are as follows:


    • Understanding Volatility

    Even with the conventional trades using methods like Binary Options or Forex, understanding the volatility associated with the markets involved is very tricky and complex, thanks to its dynamic behavior.
    With the circumstances being the way as mentioned above when it comes to analyzing markets, the situation becomes a lot tougher when the same has to be done with 60 second trades because the time involved is very short.


    • Having Standard Strategies  Is Impossible!

    By Binary Options, newbie traders have the opportunity to learn the nuances of trading, developing their own set of strategies based on experience they gain using demo accounts.

    Often, experts in these trades have formulated strategies to deal with different situations which they could encounter during their trading journey.
    However, developing standard strategies is not possible in 60 second trades, due to their high volatility and extremely low predictability.

    Explain that most of the strategies are not constant, but often valid for short periods, they seem to work for a short period but become ineffective in a subsequent period and do not know when I can return profitable.
    In addition to the strategy in this case it is especially important that the method has very simple to allow to make decisions in a simple way and in a short time.


    • Game of Emotions

    The human nature takes over the planner in you when it comes to 60 Second trades. More often than not, traders tend to get a lot more aggressive and greedy when it comes to dealing with these  quick trades and this increases the number of errors and lack of discipline.
    This is major reason why the winning ratio associated with 60 second trades are pretty low when compared to the other trading formats.


    • Low Payouts

    While the idea of trading in quick successions with 60 second trades may sound tempting and the potential to earn with more trades looks huge, “the real picture doesn’t really seem to be the same way as one wants it to be”.
    The probability of losing as mentioned earlier is pretty high and considering the lower amount of time involved in each trade, the payouts seem to be pretty low as well, In fact, the average payout recognized for these dates is 70%, quite low compared to that around 80% of other maturities. 
    This makes 60 Second trades apt for only the ones who are prepared, trained and  ready to take the gamble.


    • Scam Friendly Trading Option

    Considering the insane levels of volatility involved with 60 second trades, predicting the exact opening and closing prices for each trade is very tough when compared to the conventional Binary options trades.

    “While traders suffer with such a challenge, brokers make the most out of it”.

    They understand the fact that 60 second trades are more tempting as it promises more in lesser time (but mostly does not deliver, however promising it looks) and the brokers use this ideology to their benefit by manipulating their trading platforms and making them prone to more scams when compared to Binary Options.
    Because (due to the fast movements of the price) it is very difficult to compare and challenge the actual opening price or closing a trade.   

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