How to open a trade4 Steps To Open A Bo Trade

  • Once you have opened a real account on a broker, to start trading you need to open positions.


    How would you do that?

    The 1st STEP is to choose an asset you want to invest on; you can choose among these categories:

    - currency pairs/Forex
    - index


    The 2nd STEP is to select the expiry time you want to give your trade; you can choose among:

    -short-terms expiries which go from minimum 30seconds to maximum 300seconds;
    -intradayexpiries which go from 5 minutes up to the end of the current day;
    -long-terms expiries which go from the end of the current day on (end of the week, end of the month…)


    The 3rd STEP is to pick a direction:

    -if you think the price will go higher than the current one, you invest on CALL/HIGH
    -if you think the price will go lower than the current one, you invest on PUT/LOW


    The 4th STEP is to place the amount you decided to invest; every broker set a minimum amount per trade so you can decide to invest that amount or more.

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    Theron Ankunding (cordia07)

    Before you open a account you must check whether the broker is authentic or not. When you open a new account in a new broker, you need to trade. But before you trade you must check the speed. Otherwise you might loss from your trade in scalping or day trading.

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